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New Single Out In May

The new single is on it's way and it sounds awesome! "Which One Am Me?" is coming on the 3rd of May - keep your eye peeled for some press coverage over the next few weeks...

The Band

The current Uncle Dave's includes two of the original members from the 90s - Dave and Mike. Together with axe-god Drew, these warriors of metal are bringing back the glory days of thrash and death metal, hideously blended with outlandish humour and Pythonesque idiocy and dragging it into the 21st Century with some epic new material.

"Uncle" Dave Allon

Drums and vocals

Mike Trevor

Lead vocals & legacy guitar

Drew Lowe


The Story

Uncle Dave's Biscuit Barrel emerged in a thriving local music scene at the beginning of the 1990s. This was a golden age for metal music and the sub genres of thrash and death metal were defining their identities. The local scene head some top quality bands but nothing quite like Uncle Dave's - the scene was set for something completely different...

UDBB originally debuted as a three-piece: Dave Allon and drums and vocals with Ady Budd on bass and Rob Sutton on guitar. Playing a short but highly energetic set, they were seen by friend (and former band mate of Dave and Ady from local death metal pioneers Morbis) Mike Trevor, who was so amused and inspired that he begged to be part of the project and was welcomed in to take on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. This was to be the UDBB line up that set the local scene alight with their highly original and innovative take on comedy metal. As the band matured, so did their sound - it became heavier and more hard hitting (likely due to Mike's death metal background), but without losing the humour. The evolution of the sound saw a change in lead guitarist with Rob leaving (and going on to pursue man other successful music projects) and the role being taken on by accomplished guitarist and friend of the band, Chris Monaghan. Chris joining the band again pushed them to greater musical heights and added yet another musical dimension to the unique UDBB sound.

The band performed at a wide range of venues across the area, creating a wave of fun and mayhem every time they took to the stage. A watershed moment for them was playing the Royal Standard in London, supported by a large and loyal following and garnering news fans in the process.

Sadly, just as the band were in full flow, something unexpected happened. Just like the Beatles, Uncle Dave's Biscuit Barrel had their Yoko Ono moment and the Biscuiteers went their separate ways. For 30 years, the echoes of the band's iconic ditties were but a fond memory, but the story was not to end there...

Nobody had wanted the band to split, and Dave in particular felt that the show was not over - there was unfinished business. For decades, Dave harboured a desire to see UDBB ride again and at the end of 2019 he reached out to his fellow band mates to explore the possibility of a reboot. This was met with great positivity by all, but commitments and geography meant that only Dave and Mike could take on the project fully. To this end, Dave's close friend and axe-god, Drew Lowe, put his hand in the Barrel and became the latest member of this illustrious crew.

Plans were made to move things forward but the project was stymied for a few years due to the kick in the tits that was the COVID-19 pandemic. This was merely the calm before the storm, however, as in January 2023, Dave, Mike and Drew headed to the studio to continue the legacy of one of the UK's most ludicrous, heavy and entertaining bands.

The rebooted UDBB brings both the heritage material and some awesome new tracks to the world.

It may have taken 30 years, but Uncle Dave's Biscuit Barrel is back, baby...

Former Biscuiteers

Once you've been in the Barrel, you never truly leave. These legends will always be part of the UDBB family and may yet feature in our upcoming adventures!



Bass guitar

Chris Monaghan

Lead guitar



Lead Guitar

Indulge in the sonic lunacy of U.d.b.b

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Rogues' Gallery

Putting down vocals at Wooden Heart Studio, March '23

Putting down drum and guitar tracks in the studio, Feb '23

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